Slide Welcome to PK-Shoes You may want to know: Who we are? And you must be confused: Why are our shoes cheaper than others? Fashion Style, Multiple choices, Resonable Price, Authentic Brand We are a professional import&export E-Commerce store.We send out thousands of shoes items every day to customers all over the world,and we only have one belief, to be a better service with you. These are our final goals about PK-Shoes. And please believe us, we definitely will be your best trusting partner in your shoes.
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On the other hands, Through our resources, we have access to some defective products.Sometimes, when we think there is a defect in this product, we will tell the customer that if we do not show the defect to you, the defect in this pair of shoes will not be visible to us.
Here are two types of our boost series: 350 and 700. More series will be launched in the future.Please look forward to it!

🔝Yeezy 350 V2 Clay

The colorway features a reddish-orange color across the Primeknit upper with white detailing and matching clay-colored heel tabs. The translucent midsole has a slight gradient treatment in the same clay color.

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