Here we answer some common questions to help our customers better understand and trust us.

Question Why are our shoes cheaper than others?
AnswerBecause we have hundreds of purchasing agents in Outlets in Hong Kong, Korea, the United States and other places to compare prices at any time.

On the other hands, Through our resources, we have access to some defective products.Sometimes, when we think there is a defect in this product, we will tell the customer that if we do not show the defect to you, the defect in this pair of shoes will not be visible to us.

Question How long will it take for my order?
AnswerNormally, this only takes 5-7 days, but due to the virus, this may be extended. If you have any questions about the order, please feel free to contact us.
Question How do I return it?
AnswerWe support 15 days unconditional return, so as long as our products are not damaged, you can send the goods back to the specified address.Please note that if there is no quality problem with the product, you should bear the shipping cost.